George Sluizer's João and the Knife (1971) selected for Cannes Classics alongside Kubrick

News update December 2017

  • “SPOORLOOS” or the English title “THE VANISHING” on “British Film Institute Thriller Tour” throughout the whole United Kingdom from 25th October 2017 till end of January 2018. The BFI thriller tour is organized by the Independent Cinema Office in London. 
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  • Stoneraft Films B.V. started a digitising traject of the analogue documentaries and feature films of screenwriter and director George Sluizer. The whole process is in collaboration with the EYE FILM INSTITUTE, HAGHE DIGITAL LAB and JUST ENTERTAINMENT. Once the restoration and digitalisation is completed Stoneraft Films B.V. will archive the whole collection in a Oeuvre DVD Box. Box that will be enriched with a diverse collection of behind-the-scenes stories, written in person by relevant key talent and crew from around the world. Stoneraft Films B.V. is aiming to launch the Oeuvre Box at the Cannes Film Festival 2018.